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Below are some of the most popular push bar and push bumper products and solutions from the manufacturers we represent. Please contact us for more information on all your options to fit your specific needs.

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Proven Value and Performance

Setina pushbars

That's why they're Law Enforcement's #1 Choice.
Regardless of how you measure your push bumper’s performance, Setina’s models are in a class by themselves. Along with a touch of the right aesthetics, Setina push bumpers are built for maximum performance ... and just about everything else.

Setina Always Designs with Intention
The intention of providing law enforcement with superior push bumper designs that ensure the highest quality in durability and performance. We know creating the most reliable police fleet equipment means understanding law enforcement and the extreme conditions our products will go through.

Setina offers models ranging from our original, heavy-duty to our latest technology LEDs. None of our push bumper designs interfere with the SRS airbag system.

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Aluminum Skid Plate

Aluminum Features

  • High-Strength and Lightweight construction
  • No drilling required for quick, easy installation
  • Not necessary to remove skid plate for routine maintenance

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Skid Plates

Pro-Gard Skidplate

Pro-gard’s Skid Plates prevent costly damages to a vehicle’s undercarriage. Our product protects the vehicles transmission, exhaust manifold, and oil pan from the daily grind of pulling onto the shoulder, high-speed pursuits, cutting through or pushing stranded vehicles off of medians. With the addition of Pro-gard’s Skid Plates officers and their vehicles are given maximum protection.