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Records & Evidence Software


Empower Productivity
All too often, the systems in place to collect, store, manage, analyze and share information fall short of ideal. They are disjointed, outdated and inflexible. Officers spend more time on paperwork than in the community. Investigations are stifled by a lack of information access and crime fighting initiatives don't have the insights to truly be effective.

We believe your team deserves better.

Increase Patrol Time
Field-based reporting with automated checks for data consistency and compliance, as well as a completely integrated digital evidence ecosystem simplifies information collection, storage and management.

Close More Cases
Intuitive visualization of incident information and access to interjurisdictional and public records with advanced link analysis, streamlines investigations so leads can be tracked down and arrests made.

Reduce Crime Rates
Dig deep into your data, faster, and manipulate it in new ways to get a better understanding of crime and take action to address it. Better yet, share it with your community and engage them in the process.

Ensure Justice Is Always Achieved
Managing the influx of video, images, audio and other content from a variety of different systems can cause a lot of strain for your team. But now, more than ever, this content is vital to accomplishing the right criminal justice outcomes.

CommandCentral Vault is a cloud-based solution for aggregating and intelligently organizing all of your agency's digital content in one place. This way, it can be more easily managed, quickly reviewed and shared to ensure justice is achieved.


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Take complete control of your information with a robust, scalable, secure and highly configurable records management system for large-scale agencies.

PremierOne Records simplifies your data collection process, regardless of where your data is coming from or what format it is. With the move to NIBRS, PremierOne Records helps your agency overcome the new complexities associated with managing the influx of information and streamline the case closure process for detectives, analysts and other agency personnel.


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Store and Manage Critical Records in One Centralized Database
Thousands of agencies nationwide rely on the integrated records management Spillman Flex offers. Utilizing a centralized, single-source database, Flex gets your agency the insight you need quickly and accurately through integrated police records management software.

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