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Spillman Flex Records

Store and Manage Critical Records in One Centralized Database

Thousands of agencies nationwide rely on the integrated records management Spillman Flex offers. Utilizing a centralized, single-source database, Flex gets your agency the insight you need quickly and accurately through integrated police records management software.

Enter and Access Data Through a Single-Source Database

Save time during initial data entry and ensure that information is accurate and up-to-date throughout the investigation and reporting processes. Using Spillman Flex Records, you can eliminate duplicate records and messy databases by having all record types such as name, vehicle, property or incident stored in one central location. Remove the burden of logging into multiple platforms to enter the same information multiple times, saving your team critical time along the way.

Key Capabilities:

  • Complete System Integration
  • One System Login
  • 20+ RMS Police Software Modules

Streamline Your Searching and Reporting

Access all pertinent information by using the powerful searching capabilities of the Flex RMS with every query. Use existing data to search any field from anywhere within the system to find the record you need. Take advantage of Flex’s wide array of preformatted reports for daily police records management tasks or utilize the advanced reporting tools to meet your state’s specific requirements, including guidelines set for UCR, IBR, and NIBRS.

Key Capabilities:

  • One-Point Query
  • Wildcard Searching from Anywhere in the System
  • Preformatted Reports
  • Statistical Report Transmission

Instantly See Related Records with Involvements®

Understand the complete picture by viewing automatically created links between connected records, including names, incidents, property, vehicles and more. View related flags and warnings on associated records to keep your personnel up-to-date on the latest information and ready for any potentially dangerous situations. The Involvements feature in the Flex police records management software also aids in investigations afterwards, helping you see new connections and possible leads.

Key Capabilities:

  • Detailed History for Each Record
  • Visual Warnings

Analyze Crime Statistics in Your Area

Enhance the intelligence from your RMS police database through robust data analysis, mapping, and real-time sharing. Use the integrated crime mapping software to reveal trends, identify potential hotspots, and boost intelligence-led policing initiatives. The straightforward charts and graphs of crime trends make it easier for both agency leadership and front-line personnel to analyze.

Key Capabilities:

  • Pin Mapping and Heat Maps
  • Robust Filtering Options
  • CompStat Management Dashboards
  • Dissemination Table Tool

Integrate Jail Management With Records

Streamline the inmate intake, movement and release process by accessing a comprehensive view of an inmate’s history through their Flex record data. Booking can start from the moment an arrest report is created in the field and pre-populated with the information that has already been captured. Paired with an extensive inmate profile, officers can be more aware of who they are managing. The release checklist ensures a consistent process is followed and the right person is released.

Key Capabilities:

  • Booking Checklist
  • Tracking and Monitoring
  • Daily Event Management
  • Incident Logging
  • Intelligent Sentencing
  • Biometric Verification

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