iBwave, the global in-building standard, serves over 1,000 leading telecommunication companies in more than 90 countries worldwide, with innovative indoor wireless solutions. Its leading software suite empowers operators, system integrators, enterprises and OEMs to provide optimum network coverage and capacity inside buildings and venues.

Fast, reliable and consistent wireless coverage for an enterprise business is a must. Customers are expecting it, employees need it, and these days, many day-to-day operations in the enterprise depend on it. But providing great wireless coverage in the enterprise is not that easy for IT teams to accomplish. Multiple connections need to be running at the same time, Wi-Fi and cellular networks are converging together, buildings can be complex to design for, traffic requirements are constantly shifting, and future upgrades need to be considered. Simply put, a plug-and-play wireless network is no longer enough with so much at stake.

iBwave Solutions provides incredibly powerful software for designing Wi-Fi and cellular networks. It is a recognized expert in indoor wireless network design and its software has been used to design some of the largest in-building wireless networks in the world. With solutions for cellular, Wi-Fi and small cells networks, the answers to all your enterprise connectivity needs lies with iBwave.

iBwave Solutions

An integrated suite of products for planning, designing and delivering all indoor wireless networks.

More Power to the End User

Ultimately, it's the end user who benefits from iBwave's capabilities. We strive to improve the everyday communication experience. We work behind the scenes to keep you connected inside a host of venues. So there is a good chance that you have experienced the power of iBwave when making that call inside a subway tunnel, posting those live concert pics on social media or tweeting from a crowded stadium.

iBwave Public Safety Technologies

Download the iBwave quick reference technical public safety technologies information from VHF and UHF bands to a technical comparison of public safety radio technologies, and more.

iBwave Public Safety Technologies